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HERO is now a Gennex and Color Preview Supplier for US & CANADA. The 3 approved automatic dispenser models are:
*A310-16 *A360-16 *A450-16

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A100 Archimede™ with S2450

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A100 Archimede™ with S2450

Model A100 Archimede Light - Sequential Dispense Automatic Colorant Dispenser

  • Innovative Technology Provides Unequaled color Accuracy.

The A100 Archimede Light incorporates HERO's new patented Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) dispensing technology. This new, innovative, and revolutionary pump design allows HERO to offer the first truly low maintenance automatic colorant dispenser. In fact, we believe it offers the lowest cost of ownership available on the market today. World's first most compact A100 Archimede Light is a counter top unit but floor stand is available. In addition, the A100 Archimede Light will further reduce yearly maintenance cost as it does not suffer calibration drift like other competing technologies.

Thanks to this technology's ability to reverse the flow of colorant through the pump, HERO has also solved the problem of colorants drying in the nozzles. This feature is referred to as draw back. At the end of each dispense, the pump reverses rotation “sniffing” back the colorant inside the nozzles. This minimizes contact of colorant with air. The unit is also equipped with an automatic humidifier cap which helps keep the nozzles moist.

colorants are dispensed in a consecutive, continuous flow sequence thus reducing dispense time. A100 Archimede Light also offers precision unmatched by its rivals. It also operates within a +/-1% error on average dispenses. Yes, this unit is so precise it can be used to tint sample color testers!


  • Unbeatable precision and productivity (better than a gear pump system)
  • Unmatched durability and low maintenance cost (Similar to a piston pump system)
  • Simple to repair, a complete dispense circuit can be replaced in less than five minutes without the need for special tools or training
  • Calibration drift free
  • Simple to use
  • Unbeatable quality/price ratio


  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Capable of dispensing difficult products
  • colorant won't dry in the nozzles
  • Improved durability and pump life compared to gear drive units


  • Low refill height
  • Space saving compact design

One Gallon Multi-Mix™
S2450 (Countertop)

The S2450 is a time tested and performance proven one gallon Dual Axis™ vortex paint mixer. This unit features HERO's rugged gear driven design tested to 100,000+ mix cycles.


  • Gear Dual Axis™ vortex mixing action - can spins while it rotates on two axis
  • Nylatron™ gear drive
  • Lid Locks - unique lid lock holds can lid down while mixing
  • Gallon can holder - holds round plastic or metal cans, also available with square/round can holder
  • Door Sensor - mixer will not operate until door is closed
  • Rotating door - for "zero" vertical clearance
  • Three point heavy duty shock absorbing frame mounts for quiet, safe and vibration free operation
  • Simple rugged mechanical timer, also available with digital push button timer
  • Silicone conformal coated control board for protection against moisture and humidity
  • Unique spill containment system
  • 1 quart can adapter included
  • All steel construction, epoxy powder coated main enclosure
  • Heavy duty ball bearing motor, 1/4 hp. 115 Volt / 60 hz

Paint Spill Containment System:

  • The unrivaled paint containment system channels spills to the tray located at the bottom of the mixer. Not only does this machine contain the spill, it eliminates floor clean up.


  • 3 button electronic timer (30 sec, 2 minute, 3 minute)
  • Mix cycle counter
  • Square/round can holder

Specifications subject to change without notice



A100 Archimede™ with S2450

Dispense System
A100 - Continuous flow consecutive dispense

Number of circuits
Up to 16

Dispense technology
Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP). This technology eliminates the need for valves while offering a level of precision unmatched by other volumetric dispensers

Water-based or Universal colorants

Canister size
2.2 quarts (2 liters)

Max flow rate
6.8 oz per minute (0.2 L/min)

Average precision
+/-1% results are colorant dependent

Minimum dispense quantity
Down to 1/768 fl. oz.

Nozzle capping system
Fully automatic humidifier cap

Can handling

Manually repositionable can shelf

27.25" (69.2 cm) height x 28"(71 cm) width x 26.5"(67.3 cm) depth

Shipping dimensions
32" (81.3 cm) height x 26.25"(66.7 cm) width x 31"(78.7 cm) depth

Power supply
220 Volt 50 Hz. 6 A. self-adjusting power supply
110 Volt 60 Hz. 12 A. self-adjusting power supply

Laser cross hair bung hole locator

S2450 Mixer Specifications


S2450 Mixer Specifications
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Weight

Can Capacity
Counter top model
31"H x 21"W x 27"D
100 lbs
Heavy Duty ball bearing motor,
1/4 hp. 115 Volt / 60 hz
25"H x 18"W x 24.5"D
1 Gallon Square Can
1 Quart
1 Gallon


Specifications subject to change without notice



A100 Archimede™ with S2450

TintWise™ Software

Point of Sale Dispense and Utilities Software

All of our automatic dispensers come complete with HERO's latest version of TintWise™ dispense and machine utilities software. This state of the art Windows color formula software is specifically designed for point-of-sale custom color dispensing. It performs a large list of functions including: product look up, can size specification, user security, label printing, color database management, and custom formula generation. The utilities area also offers simple to use machine calibration, colorant level visualization, and warning level settings for re-filling, agitation, service intervals, and purging. This software is also compatible with most common brands of spectrophotometer and color matching software so you can operate your dispenser seamlessly with these programs. A bar code reader can also be interfaced if required. In addition, the user interface can be customized with your company logo.

HERO also offers precision laboratory software specially designed for lab technicians and service teams to facilitate database development, preparation and formula book updating.

Specifications subject to change without notice


A100 Archimede™ with S2450



A100 Archimede™ with S2450